even unsexier descriptions of sex


I thought I came up with some good unsexy descriptions of sex, but it's nothing compared to pillow talk about black-footed ferrets. From Shadow Bear:

Shadow Bear: What I have observed of them, myself, is that these tiny animals breed in early spring when the males roam the night in search of females...Mothers typically give birth to three kits in early summer and raise their young alone in abandoned prairie dog burrows.

Shiona (the white heroine): I read that ferrets stalk and kill prairie dogs during the night. Using their keen sense of smell and whiskers to guide them through pitch-black burrows, ferrets suffocate the sleeping prey, an impressive feat considering the two species are about the same weight.

Shadow Bear: In turn, coyotes, badgers, and owls prey on ferrets, whose life span in the wild is often less than two winters … They have a short, quick life.

That awkward post-coital chat was inexplicably plagiarized from a scientific article about black-footed ferrets. The author probably did it for the realism. We all know how pioneer women struggled to survive on their own, waging a constant battle against enemies and the elements, with barely enough time to kick back and do some light reading about South Dakota's prairie mammals.

Here are some other books from Shadow Bear's author, Cassie Edwards. As you can see from the titles, her romance novels are clearly sensitive and respectful to Native Americans and their history:

Savage Beloved
Savage Bliss
Savage Courage
Savage Dance
Savage Destiny
Savage Devotion
Savage Dream
Savage Eden
Savage Embers
Savage Fires
Savage Glory
Savage Grace
Savage Heart
Savage Heat
Savage Hero
Savage Honor
Savage Hope
Savage Illusion
Savage Innocence
Savage Intrigue
Savage Joy
Savage Longings
Savage Love
Savage Mists
Savage Moon
Savage Nights
Savage Obsession
Savage Paradise
Savage Passions
Savage Persuasion
Savage Pride
Savage Promise
Savage Quest
Savage Rage
Savage Secrets
Savage Shadows
Savage Skies
Savage Spirit
Savage Splendor
Savage Storm
Savage Sunrise
Savage Surrender
Savage Tears
Savage Tempest
Savage Thunder
Savage Torment
Savage Touch
Savage Trust
Savage Vision
Savage Whispers
Savage Wind
Savage Wonder



My curiosity is the "Never Before Published!" decal on the cover. I guess it is better than "Straight To Paperback!", or "Now With More Black Footed Ferret Plagarism!"

frequently romance novelists re-publish novels under different names and SAY they're edited and up-dated it a little. but then fans buy a book thinking it's a new book and it turns out it's one they've already read. annoying.

You got it, Michele. Of the novels listed above, Savage Heart, Savage Innocence, Savage Obsession, Savage Paradise, and Savage Torment were all reissued at some point. In addition, Edwards appears to have plagiarized the 1930 Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, Laughing Boy: A Navajo Love Story, which is known informally as Savage Pulitzer

I thought you were making these titles up, but then I went to the website. She actually has written books under all these titles.

Of course, I'm using the term "books" loosely here.

seriously? man i thought he was making them up too but i didn't bother to check.

Sean, what is happening with your comments? Sometimes it is typekey, sometimes not...or...am I crazy? It's hard to know sometimes.

i think it's been non-typekey alternative enabled for a while.

I am typekey-free, because I'd rather moderate comments myself. Also, that "keep me logged in for two weeks" thing never works for me. I think our esteemed lawyer friend and I bailed on Typekey pretty early on in the great CH Typekey experiment.

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