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When my friend Mike B told me about his new job editing online sports video, I saw an opportunity. Yes, the web is awash with sports commentary of all stripes - but does any of it take place on public transportation? With our niche firmly in sight, "Baseball Takes The Bus" was born.

So far, there are four of these in the can, and, dare I say it, they just keep getting better. They all come at the tail end of "MLB Roundup", a short baseball commentary show, with "Baseball on the Bus" coming last, and least informatively. For your enjoyment, the videos can be found after the jump.

Episode 1: A Love Letter to Debbie Clemens

It's Valentine's Day, and I have a message for a special, special lady: disgraced pitcher Roger Clemens's wife, Debbie.

Episode 2: Choose Wisely At Your Fantasy Draft

I dispense fantasy draft advice with help from an unlikely source: the knight who guards the Holy Grail in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Episode 3: Chase Utley Is the Hottest Girl at Your Community College

A complicated analogy about Chase Utley, Chico State University, and dental hygenists.

Episode 4: Know Your Pronunciation

What's more embarrassing than that is the time I called "Wade Boggs" "Wah-day Bogues" on draft day.

1 Comment

Sean, you had me at "palpable mass...but it's not on my buttocks." Then you lost me at all the name-dropping in Episode 3. But then you had me again when they created a logo just for you in Episode 4. But then you lost me in Episode 5 with the Ewoks.

Wait...wrong franchise. You still have me.

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