singles night: the aftermath

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As I approached AT&T Park, I wondered if I had been too hard on Singles Night. Maybe Singles Night would actually be a fun event. So I took some photos, and from the looks of things, no, it wasn't.


According to one of the disappointed attendees, there were "no fucking chicks, man". There was a man in a Tim Lincecum jersey who weighed approximately two-and-a-half time as much as Tim Lincecum.


When I took this photo, the DJ was urging the few remaining Singles to answer trivia questions for a sure-to-be-disappointing prize. The question that was stumping the crowd was, "When they were in New York, where did the Giants play? (Answer: The Polo Grounds.) A presumably drunk woman kept yelling, "Caaaaandlestick! Caaaaandlestick!"

So I don't know if anyone found love, but as this last picture demonstrates, Singles Night is all about bringing people together:


(I am wearing my SF Giants Starter jacket from seventh grade in that photo. Commence jealously whenevs.)

1 Comment

I thought that parka looked familiar!

I would rather tell people I met my boyfriend on Craigslist misc romance than at Singles Night at AT&T Park, frankly.

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