some dreams i had during late december/early january 1998/99


1. I am working at the Lawrence Hall of Science, and we're severely overstaffed, with five or six people working at the Front Desk. So, on a hall shift, I end up just hanging out with (Bich) Catherine Le either in the auditorium, or some non-existent place in the museum with a couch. We end up talking, I begin rubbing her shoulders, and we begin making out. Almost immediately, I am paged over the PA system to return to the Front Desk. I am only a few minutes late returning from my Halls. Later in the dream, I am late for the museum's closing, but that is due to laze.

2. I'm in a dorm room in Norton Hall with Yi (my old roommate), Jay Lee, and some of Yi's pals. Apparently, in this dream-verse, Yi has just searched through my desk and found some insulting cartoons I had drawn of him. We are having an ostensibly cordial conversation, but Yi keeps making little snide remarks about the cartoons, all while staring straight ahead at his computer screen. Jay and I leave to go downstairs.

When we're in the elevator, I ask Jay what was up with Yi. He says, "Oh, Yi's mom has been telling him to be more assertive... He's a good guy!" I don't answer, but I'm really mad about Yi going through my stuff and all. So when we get to the lobby, I decide to call Yi. I dial his room from the phone in the lobby. When he picks up, I say in a low voice, "I'm gonna cut your motherfuckin' throat." and then hang up and leave.

3. I'm getting on a plane with Uncle Tommy and his family, with no idea where we're going. The inside of the plane reminds me of a Denny's, or a high school cafeteria, rather than an actual aircraft. I see Katie Vigil on the plane, so I ditch my family, give Katie a hug, and sit down next to her. The flight attendant/waitress brings us three-egg breakfasts just like the ones served at Chef Burger. Mine contains corned beef hash. I don't remember what Katie had alongside her hashbrowns.

4. I'm in Norton Hall, listening to Ming talk in some room, when out of the corner of my eye, I see Kacey Moore and Lusanna Russ run past. I turn and call out, "Lusanna!" as they pass. They both go into a hallway that is where the stairs should be, but in the dream, it leads to this two-bedroom, one-bathroom suite. Even though I said "Lusanna" first, Kacey turns and gives me a hug, and I pretend that I meant to say hi to her as well. She talks for a bit, then leaves. Then I hug Lusanna, and she tells me she got the suite because she had applied for housing so late. Sometime later in the dream, I see Gwen Stretch, from the swim team I coach, and I put her on top of my shoulders.

5. I hear on TV that the Spurs have traded David Robinson to the Jazz for John Stockton. The Spurs threw in another player as well, for some reason. Later, someone told me that the Rockets had traded Hakeem Olajuwon for Stockton instead, and had thrown in Rodrick Rhodes in the deal. I was confused... then remembered Rodrick Rhodes had already been traded in the Scottie Pippen deal with the Bulls...then got more confused...then saw it was snowing outside.


Have you ever been really bored at work and randomly searched for your own name on yahoo? Funny, I never thought it would bring me to a random dream that Sean had that I was randomly involved in! Hi Sean! I'm flattered that you dreamed about me!


Have you ever been really bored with reading the law and randomly searched on google for names of girls you've been in like with? Funny, I never thought it would bring me to a random dream that Sean had involving a 2-bedroom suite in place of the stairwell! Hi Sean! I wish you were dreaming about me!


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