two conversations involving felix, ex-roommate yi's best friend, spring of 1998



Felix: Oooo! Thunder Squirrel! Hooray! (Computer beeps)

Yi: Hmmm.

Felix: Thanks to Thunder Squirrel...

Yi:: I survived.

Felix: Thanks to Thunder Squirrel...

Yi:: I survived.


Felix: (tentatively) Thanks to Thunder Squirrel...

Yi: I survived, OK?

Felix: Yeah. (chuckling) Yeah you did.


Felix: (sniffing) Smells like popcorn.

Sean: Yes, Felix, would you like some?

Felix: (sniffing) Nope, too much butter.

Sean: Actually, Felix, this is light popcorn. Artificial butter.

Felix: (still sniffing) It sure smells like butter. Popcorn butter! (chuckling) Yeah it does.


was felix the real-life incarnation of lucky boy?

Man, you don't even know anyway. At least Yi and I are still buddies. I bet you don't even see that Jay or Kurrahm anyway. You don't even know, man. I lost a lot of weight. It wasn't even easy.

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