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Not to slow down the celebration as the Iraqi freedom train chugs into democracy station, but could the government maybe not champion the cause of looting quite so much? According to Donald "Stuff happens" Rumsfeld, freedom is untidy and, apparently, one of the important freedoms Iraqis have received now that Saddam's regime is gone is the freedom "to commit crimes." (Fun for the whole family: Read Rumsfeld's quotes from the article aloud, in a surly Rumsfeld growl!) At a time like this, I'm skeptical of the reported overwhelming pro-US reaction in Baghdad - the people shouting, "USA! USA!" might as well be shouting, "Free TVs! Free TVs!"

The Iraqi people may well be jubilant to see Saddam out of power, but it's tough to say if they're also thrilled about the city of Baghdad itself being out of power... and emergency supplies. Some Kurdish refugees interviewed on a local news program expressed negative sentiments about Saddam, which is kind of like hearing Seminole Indians on the news talking shit about Andrew Jackson.

Luckily, hotel guests won't be stomping on a tile mosaic of President Bush, anymore. USA! Free TVs!


Hear Hear.

Today I returned from my 3-day birthday haze and I turned on the news tonight (CNN, CSPAN, and then Fox, just for kicks) in order to hear about what kind of progress has been made towards a new Iraqi government...what did I find? Not only is there no news to that effect, lo and behold, we're now going after Syria. What a lucky coincidental diversion! While everyone knew it was going to happen, there was purposely very little press coverage of the intention until Bush decided that it's time to really hide what's happening with Iraq.


So, you may not believe this, but--
the pro-war demonstrators down in San Ramon on monday were perhaps a little less than bright.

After a few good hours of chanting U-S-A! U-S-A!, they seemed to sense that we were protesting at Chevron because "stealing Iraqi oil is bad." And naturally, whatever we find bad, they must find good, since we think war is bad and they think war is good (logic is deadly in the hands of imbeciles).

So they began, and I kid you not, TV news as my witness, to chant,
S-U-V! S-U-V! S-U-V!

(Our comedic MC's got to take some time off that day...)

That's disturbing.

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