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Ever since I saw "Bound", I have been a big fan of the Wachowski brothers. Of course, "The Matrix" pretty much blows "Bound" out of the water, though it lacks the crucial hot girl-girl sex that really gave "Bound" its heart.

One of the elements I liked in both movies was the Communist themes running throughout. Joe Pantoliano has to wash a bunch of blood out of money in "Bound," Neo takes a red pill to be able to see the truth, etc. Unfortunately, the way I introduced this line of thought to my associates at the Squelch was, "I think 'The Matrix' is better than The Communist Manifesto." I wanted to talk about the big machine of capitalism feeding off the blood of workers, or the use of color, or... well, it didn't matter, because you can't go into any kind of rational discussion when you lead with a bold claim like "I think 'The Matrix' is better than The Communist Manifesto."

So tonight I'm seeing "Matrix 2." I will predict in this space, only slightly less boldly, that it will be better than the sequel to the The Communist Manifesto.


m-a-t-r-i-x! matrix ! matrix! whoo!

whoo was me. now whoa is me.

yeah, i'll bet it's totally better than _the bureaucratic terror state manifesto_.

i hate sequels. but _all quiet on the western front 2_ was pretty good.

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