lessons from young sean, part 2: the world of politics

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I read the newspaper very regularly when I was younger, much more regularly than I do now, in fact. My political sympathies were with the Democratic Party back then, due to the influence of my parents and the fact that even a child can tell that "trickle-down economics" is a big unworkable scam.

When I was 7, I avidly followed the independent counsel investigation of former Reagan aide Michael Deaver, accused of illegal lobbying for a foreign client. When the grand jury decided to charge Mr. Deaver with perjury, there wasn't a more pleased second-grader in the country then me. I ran into the kitchen with a wide grin.

"Ha ha!" I said to my mom. "Michael Deavoh, one of Weagan'th cwonieth, in-DIK-ted foah peh-JUH-wy!"

I laughed and laughed, as did Mom and Dad, once I was out of the room. I was more naive then, never once dreaming that Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson would eventually let Deaver off with pwobation.

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ahhh. thanks.

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