Z-E-M-B-L-A, it's coming back, it's coming back


After a long hiatus, Zembla returns with new content for the first time in what feels like years but is in reality only a fortnight. In the interim, time and attention normally directed blogward have gone towards other activities and artistic pursuits. First, the phenomenal success of "Henry David Thoreau, Newlywed" has led to a veritable deluge of offers and interest. Much of my time since then has been devoted to working with composer/lyricist Stephen Schwartz on the libretto for the musical version of the story, tentatively titled, Transcend!

Another rival for blog time has been the job. Tirelessly, without ceasing, and at least 35 hours each week, I have strove to freeing the political prisoners of this state. Phone calls, mailings, legal briefs that someone else writes and researches, I do it all, just so long as said political prisoners file their appeals in a timely manner and can show some proof of their indigence. Some would say, "Sean, you are a saint for helping those people." I must respectfully disagree. I am a goddamn saint.

There was also a four-day coke binge. I didn't get a lot done.

The most exciting new development is that I have been back on the stage, at the comedy clubs in Berkeley where I first made my name and reputation. I realize that there are numerous Americans who cannot read, who do not own computers, who can only settle down and enjoy comedy brilliance in an environment that features beer on tap and barmaids with facial piercings. So I have taken the comedy to the people, to the stage, which sadly came at the expense of loyal Zemblan readers. Writeups will appear in this space, though that will provide but a hollow echo of the power of Sean Keane Live! Maybe readers could simply imagine the pink cheeks, the nervous darting blue eyes, and the melodious nasal monotone voice as they read Zembla, or at least do some shots to get in the right mood.

But fear not! Construction has finished on the brand-new Zembla Studios, in the heart of San Francisco's Duboce Triangle. Zembla has cleaned up, put down the pipe, and is again presentable for company. There's going to be so much comedy, so much brilliance, so much joy emanating from this website that you might have to turn down the brightness on your monitor just to protect your eyes. Zembla will not be the deadbeat dad of Cementhorizon any longer, but will become a loving, attentive blogfather to readers young and old.

So, leave a comment, fellas. Explore the Horizon of Cement, fellas. Zembla'll never go away. Zembla'll never go away. Zembla'll never go away again.


Shut up, Zembla...You had me at "Z."

I've been checking up on you the last few weeks and have noticed your absence. But I figured it was just another coke binge, as usual.
The Thoreau stuff is the best EVER.

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