noe street discusses home-buying (2004)


To protect their anonymity, I have assigned pseudonyms to my former roommates

"Mack": People at work talk about the houses they're buying or looking at, but they only ever talk about the square footage, just reciting statistics. I notice things like wood, structural things. Not - if you took this house, and removed all the furniture, and all the walls, how much area would you have.

"Dean": This is my girlfriend. She displaces 11.8 liters of water.

"Mack" I guess it's just assumed that every house has grey carpet, white walls, and a big garage. Maybe I'm alone in this.

Sean: (extending arms) My new house holds *this* much popcorn.


if only it were only 11.8.

I really don't think so. 11.8 liters of water weighs 26 pounds, at .029 liters per fluid ounce, 128 fluid ounces per gallon, and 1 gallon (of water) per 8.34 pounds.

I changed my mind. 11.8 is exactly right. thanks, lantana!

what movie was that where val kilmer is a blonde teenager and uses lasers or microwaves or something to fill up his frat house with popcorn? i probably got that all wrong. sean, would you email me? i can't find your address, and the pentavirate owes me a beer.

so delighted i was by the memories of popcorn and laser guns that i netflixed it and am now watching it.

I used to know a guy in the undergrad berkeley physics program who looked a lot like Val kilmer's character in Real Genuis. He even worse Hawaiian shirts and flipflops. Often people would point out that he looked like Val kilmer from real genuis and he would accept it as some kind of grand compliment. Personally I think Val Kilmer's face is a lot skinier.

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