stand up for stand-up, 1/25/06


The Sean Keane stand-up comedy rocket ship to stardom takes a detour into the East Bay this month, at Stand Up for Stand-Up. This event takes place on Wednesday, January 25th, in 2050 Valley Life Sciences Building, at 8 PM. Is that just a clever name for a nightclub, you might ask? After all, I do perform at a place called 50 Mason. But no, in this case, 2050 VLSB is a lecture hall on the UC Berkeley campus, albeit a modern and spacious one. Admission is free.

So, if you've been hesitate to cross the bridge into the city to see the comedic stylings of Sean Keane, or if you live in San Francisco and are eager to cross a bridge to see the comedic stylings of Sean Keane, or if you like getting stand-up comedy for free, this might just be the show for you. I'm working on some new material about the Facebook, and how much finals suck, and, of course, ways to tell whether or not you are a redneck/Stanford student. "If you've ever lost a tooth opening a thousand dollar bottle of champagne, you just might be a redneck Stanford student." Trust me, it's gonna be awesome.

Official announcement after the jump:

You're probably feeling very upset and emo right now (possibly crying so ferociously that you can barely hear the Bright Eyes playing in the background) because you don't have anything fun to do on the night of Wednesday, January 25th.

Well, why not come see some REAL, PROFESSIONAL STAND-UP COMEDIANS (they're similar to real professional baseball players, but do slightly less steroids). That's right, this is the real shit - no open mic nights here, these guys are pros who only work for money (a very small amount - and free drinks - a more substantial amount). It's like you can go to a good comedy club right here in Berkeley; you don't even need to get on the BART and sit next to some guy who smells like he shampoos with excrement.

Who's performing?

MIKE FUNT - A comic who has headlined clubs in New York and LA, as well as performed at the Punch Line in SF. He was a contributing writer for The Daily Show and

CHIP MILLER - Another headlining comic from the Bay Area who can frequently be seen at the major clubs in SF and Oakland.

ARTHUR GAUS - A genuine comedian who has yet to e-mail me his bio but presumably is very funny, ten feet tall, and has lasers for eyes.

SEAN KEANE - A real live Professional Comedian and Berkeley alum. His hobbies include fishing, needlepoint, and reanimating the dead for purposes of hijinks.



That's right friends, a night of comedy is yours!

Price: FREE!
Date: Wed. 1/25/06
Time: 8 PM
Where: 2050 VLSB
Why: Otherwise you'd just sit at home and smoke weed. Besides, this will probably be pretty funny when you're baked. Furthermore, feel free to bring guests. If you're cheap, like me, free events such as this make excellent dates.

Note: This event is FREE and seating is first-come first-served. So, in case we sell out, please show up early. In case we don't sell out, please show up with a full-length mirror you can put in the seat next to you so, from on stage, it appears that there is someone in every seat. We comedians have fragile egos.


Stand Up for Stand-Up is sponsored by Tau Kappa Epsilon. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to charity... if there were any proceeds, which there won't be since this is a free show. Nevertheless, if you're feeling especially philanthropic, don't let us stop you from making a donation to charity on our behalf.


I had a PoliSci class, a final each semester and my LSAT's w/ a ridiculous fever in 155 Dwinelle so this will be a chance to do something enjoyable in that cursed room for once. Let me know how/when you're heading over there; perhaps we could travel together.

you know what i like about this, (besides not having to go over the bridge)? john waste, that's who.

His full name is John Jackson Waste. He sounds like he should either be the President of the United States or a Garbage Pail Kid.

He's also pretty funny, but that's secondary to the wonder that is his full name.

i may just be blind and too ready for the weekend to accurately read what's on my computer screen - but what time is it at on the 25th? As I am in Berkeley for work it would be criminal not to stop by and see genius onstage.

I would like to go; it's been a while since I've been back to Cal. I, too, spent many hours and humanities classes in 155 Dwinelle. What time on Weds?

Show starts at 8. I have edited the post to include the time.

I didn't spend too many hours in 155 Dwinelle, mercifully, but don't get me started on 10 Evans... Maybe I can even go by the library first for a trip down employment memory lane.

Post has been edited to reflect that he show is actually in 2050 VLSB. Sorry for any confusion this may have caused.

you should change the location in the extendo part of the entry too.

and maybe the sentence right after the one you already changed. man. stop being so confusing.

OK, I think they're all corrected now. The show is still on Wednesday, still starts at 8 PM, and is still free, but it's in 2050 VLSB instead. Which is actually a nicer room than 155 Dwinelle. Is it more conducive to comedy? I'm not sure, but I am seriously considering adding a PowerPoint presentation to my act as a result.

VLSB!? What, are they scared that people will think Berkeley's classrooms are outdated and totally janky so they have to cover it up with holding the event in a room no one but pre-med's have ever seen?

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