jerome bettis: miked up!

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ABC fitted Jerome Bettis with a body mike for Super Bowl XL. They played some clips during the game, but obviously censored quite a bit. Zembla is proud to present highlights of the Jerome Bettis "Miked Up" clips ABC wouldn't or couldn't play:

  • "I don't care about the Super Bowl MVP award. I just want a ring. Plus, the MVP gets an Escalade, and you know Jerome Bettis don't drive no American car."
  • "Ow. Ow. Ow. Damn, I crapped my pants a little bit on that tackle."
  • "Willie, I want you to hit that hole, and then just fall down. Lean forward and get the safe two yards. That's Steelers football, baby."
  • "Honestly, this is the first time I've been to Detroit in eight years. Terrible, depressing city."
  • (Singing) "You make a dead man come, yeah, you make a dead man come."
  • "Yo soy el autobus, cabron!"
  • "No, me and my girlfriend have an open relationship, baby. Both of us see other people. It's cool."
  • "Please don't hit me so hard, Mr. Tatupu. (whispered) Please. I'll just fall down. No one will know." (Pause) I'll give you money."
  • (Flatulence) I guess The Bus should have made a longer stop in the can during halftime, huh?
  • "Oh, that's nothing. Just got a little bit of a stiffy here, Antwaan. Nah, that always happens when Troy makes a tackle. It's cool."
  • "Willie, you need some oxygen? Want to borrow my inhaler? How about some Skittles? I got a bag right here in my helmet."
  • We gotta pull together here! This win means nothing if we don't cover the spread! Let's get a first down here - for the gamblers!
  • "Jerome Bettis, you've just won the Super Bowl? What are you going to do next?"
    "I'm going across the border to Windsor, to gamble, smoke Cuban cigars, and pick up a busload of whores!"

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