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I'll be in the City of Angels this weekend, to attend a bar mitzvah. It's my very first bar mitzvah, and possibly my first time in a synagogue. Luckily, I'm a licensed minister, so I can maybe step in if the rabbi has trouble or there's an emergency involving a yarmulke.

It's going to be a great trip. I'll visit the Warner brothers set, check in on my fantasy baseball double-play combination of Kent and Furcal, and stop in at CTU to help them set up a hard perimeter over some crucial location that only takes 7-10 minutes to get to by car. I'll be back with a full report Monday.

In my stead, please welcome guest bloggers for the weekend. They are Michele, Cassie Wu, and Christine/"Waffles". Please give them your love and support, plus lots of comments. As they say in Los Angeles, "Oh, I live in Los Angeles! I'm an attractive member of the film industry! I am way better than you, Sean Keane! Blah blah blah!"


when sean called me to say he was on the set of 'gilmore girls' at the WB lot, i practically hyperventilated. and i don't even like that show much anymore. i get so angry at it and it's even leaking over to the earlier seasons as ellie can attest to, as i yell at it when watching them with her. but still, i can't quite get my head around the fact that sean was IN luke's diner and the gazebo. maybe even doose's market. pictures are supposedly forthcoming. i can't wait!

Here's a Gilmore nugget for you guys. Luke's Diner has a surprisingly deep set, with a fake kitchen behind the fake counter upon which sit fake pies. However, there was one real book sitting next to the fake sink in the faux-Luke kitchen: The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Well I still love the show and I am also excited that you were on the set! How did you swing that and why wasn't I invited?

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