overheard conversations in the castro, 5/09/06


(Overheard walking home from MUNI)

(Two handsome men with Southern accents walk arm in arm.)

Man 1: It's in Along Came Polly.

Man 2 Look, Ah don't want to hear it.

Man 1: OK, Ben Stiller's friend - Ben Stiller's in it. Ben Stiller's friend has this moment.

Man 2: Stop! Ah don't want to hear it!

Man 1: And it's - have you ever heard of a "shart"?

Man 2: You keep talkin', and Ah'm going home right now. Right now!

Man 1: Well, all Ah'm saying is, I think you should see the film.


No one should see "Along Came Polly," let alone be compelled to see it.

Okay, wait a minute. Wait. Let me get this straight. Ben Stiller is in a movie where he has an embarrassing moment involving bodily functions? Are you serious? When did, wha? How can this be?

until Holohan mentioned bodily functions, and I figured out what the attractive Southerners were talking about, I thought "shart" was Southern accent for "shirt," and I was confused.

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