tough conversations for harrison ford impersonators, part 1

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(Part 2)

Jessica: You're the Harrison Ford?

Harrison: I am.

Jessica: If you're really Harrison Ford, then what was your last movie?

Harrison: It's called Firewall. I play a bank's security agent who has to break into his own computer system in order to save his kidnapped family.

Jessica: That movie sounds a lot like The Net.

Harrison: Well, before that I made Hollywood Homicide, a murder mystery about a veteran cop and his young partner - who thinks he's the next Brando! Wait, where are you going?

* * *

Harrison: Pack of Parliament Lights, please.

7-11 Clerk: Can I see some ID?

Harrison: Sure. (Hands over license)

7-11 Clerk: I'm sorry, but Harrison Ford would never smoke those.

* * *

Nicolette: (Sobbing) Was any of it true, Harrison? The sweet words?

Harrison: Of course!

Nicolette: The promises?

Harrison: I meant every one of them!

Nicolette: The autographed letter from Chewbacca?

Harrison: Yes?

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