the hidden subtext of conversations


Often, there is more to what we communicate to others than what we actually say. At other times, there is far less. Here are some scenes from a recent trip to Costco. The subtext has been placed in parentheses.

Scene 1

Christine: Sean, I have to ask - is that your body wash in our shower? Oil of Olay, with shea butter?
(Please say that it is not.)

Sean: Yes, that's mine.
(I don't even know what shea butter is.)

Christine: OK, I just wanted to make sure I hadn't bought it and then forgotten about it.
(Sean, you are a girl.)

Gene: Sean, you are a girl.

Scene 2

Sean: You're buying five pounds of strawberries? And two pounds of blackberries?
(Those berries will rot in our refrigerator until I eventually throw them away.)

Christine: Yes. I am making an effort to eat more foods that are rich in antioxidants.
(I wish to avoid cancer.)

Gene: Those berries are going to rot.

Scene 3

Gene: Sometimes I wish I owned a restaurant, so I could take advantage of the savings of buying in bulk.
(Yes. That would be awesome.)

Christine: I don't think restaurant owners shop at Costco. They have their own suppliers.
(Please do not buy a 15-gallon drum of soy sauce.)

Sean: Gene, you know what would be awesome? If you bought a 15-gallon drum of soy sauce.


Hahahahahahaha! Great capture.

Things like soy sauce: restaurant owners buy at Costco.

sean, you are awesome. (sean you WERE awesome until you tried to convince gene to bring 15 gallons of soy sauce into our home.)

this interior monologue conversation story thing is very, very enjoyable and giggle-worthy. (i rode BART yesterday! i was on BART!)

Usually I expect the stories on your blog to be at least part lies, but those are all true quotes. (I don't think you're a girl, but I will continue to covet your body wash).

I will have you know that I made it through two pounds of blueberries so far, but it is time for the strawberries to go. (They will be gone by the time you get back.)

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