out-of-context excerpts from the first chapter of "the clue in the embers", hardy boys mystery #35

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Page 3:

"I'll sure need some nourishment if I'm going to hassle with a lot of shrunken heads," Frank declared.

Page 5:

"The Andean Indians used to take the heads of their enemies in local warfare," Joe said. "I read up on this once. The skull was removed from the severed head and boiled until it was reduced to the size of a man's fist. Then the eyes were pinned and laced, and the inside treated with hot stones and sand. Through the use of a local herb, the hair remained long and kept its original luster."

"Pretty savage," Tony remarked.

Page 6:

"According to Valez's accent, he's definitely Spanish," Tony said. "I imagine him to be the small, excitable kind."

Page 8

Joe was about to answer, when he caught sight of an arrowhead-like missile streaking through the air directly towards him!


1 Comment

When I was in 3rd grade I became obsessed with the Hardy Boys and read their entire catalogue, including the "case files". When my dad died, I was was the one who inherited his series of first editions of the original Hardy Boys books. Somehow they make more sense in the crumbly, black and white hardcover version than the luridly covered paperbacks.

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