flashback 2000: cheech and chongfeld

(With Flashbacks, we revisit old comedic scribbles unearthed from various notebooks, post-it notes, and 3.5 inch floppy disks that sit in a box on Sean's desk. Flashbacks are like reruns of television shows that never aired, but are syndicated forever in our dreams.)

Flashback #1

Flashback #2

Cheech and Chongfeld - February 2000

Announcer: Now stay tuned for Cheech and Chongfeld, a sitcom about nothing – nothing but smoking weed, that is.

Cheech: Hey Chongfeld, man, what is the deal with the childproof lighter, man?

Chongfeld: Man, I don't know, Cheech.

Cheech: I mean, like, it's so hard to light a joint with one, man. Who are the ad wizards who like, came up with this stuff?


Chongfeld: Hey, man, who's there?

Kramer: It's me, Kramer!

Cheech: Kramer's not here, man.

Kramer: No, this is Kramer. Come on, Cheech! Open the door!

Chongfeld: No, Kramer's not here, man.

(Knocking continues)

Cheech: Hey man, I was thinking, what's the deal with bongs?

Announcer: Stay tuned for scenes from next week’s episode of Cheech and Chongfeld.

Chongfeld: Hey man, we ought to have a contest. Whoever can go the longest without smoking weed wins, man.

Cheech: OK, man.

(two-second pause)

Chongfeld: Man, I'm already out.

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