sean keane @ sf comedy club, september 22

Fans, take heed. Sean Keane will be returning to the stage at the San Francisco Comedy Club at 50 Mason. I'll be headlining a ridiculously strong showcase that Friday night, September 22, at 8 PM. Ali Wong will be the feature act, and the bill includes such Sean Keane favorites as Greg Edwards and Nitin Kant. Add in Cal alum Zahra Noorbakhsh and elder comedy statesman David Kleinberg, and you've got a stellar lineup that does not discriminate based on race, age, or gender.

Admission is $10, and while the SF Comedy Club now serves wine and beer, there's still no drink minimum. The Club is essentially besieged by quality Indian restaurants, and you can feel free to bring in food to your table or booth. I'm much funnier when the audience has been primed with booze and curry.

What I'm most excited about is that it's been five years, and as such, it is now officially OK to make jokes about September 11th. I'll be commemorating the anniversary of the World Trade Center disaster and America's subsequent victory over terrorism with some leftover jokes that simply haven't been acceptable until today.

Here's a little sample:

"So the Arabs crashed two planes into the World Trade Center on 9/11. If it's Arab pilots, you'd think the attack would have happened on 7/11. Thank you, bomb again."

Pure gold! And I've been sitting on that little gem for five years! I don't want to give away too much of the material, but let's just say a certain Osama "Been Hidin'" will not escape unscathed by my precision, bunker-busting comedy assault.

Official promotional info, including a link to an overwhelming and confusing Craigslist announcement, is after the jump.

Craigslist announcement

50 Mason Street, San Francisco - between Market and Eddy
Hosted by Eric Peterson - 8 pm - doors open at 7:30
Info/Reservations: 415-398-4129 or

"The home of underground comedy in San Francisco" - SF Chronicle
"Best Place to Enjoy Comedy for the Price of a Movie" - SF Guardian

Come get some laughs at "50 Mason" and find out why it's called
the "home of underground comedy in San Francisco" by the SF Chronicle
and the "Best Place to Enjoy Comedy for the Price of a Movie" by the SF Guardian.

The San Francisco Comedy Club at 50 Mason is a great place to meet up with a group of friends for laughs or for a date. Each week, Friday Night Comedy delivers some of the best, funniest and hottest standup comedians from the Bay Area and beyond.

Transportation/Parking: One block from the Powell Street BART and MUNI station. Parking garage conveniently located across the street from 50 Mason and a 'discount' parking lot next to Hotel Bijou.


David Kleinberg
Zahra Noorbakhsh
Greg Edwards
Nitin Kant
Ali Wong (feature)
Sean Keane (headliner)

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