flashback 2005: overheard in berkeley

(In Flashbacks, we revisit old unrealized comedic material unearthed from old notebooks and post-it notes. Flashbacks are oldies that never had a chance to become goodies.)

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Overheard in Berkeley - March 2005

1. At Cheese & Stuff

"'Wassup, wassup.' Pfft. 'Wassup wassup.' What kind of music is this for a store? Rap? Rrrap? I don't like this 'wassup' business? Pffft."
- Middle-aged woman behind the counter (not in a small town)

2. At the Berkeley College Republicans table

"Look, I'm an easygoing guy. but when you start taking my money? That's when I start naming names."
- Republican douchebag (possibly facing a blacklist?)

3. At the juice-and-snacks recuperation area of a blood drive

"I had to take American Sign Language at a community college for my foreign language requirement."
"Do you remember any of it?"
"A little."
"Like, the alphabet?"
"I fucking hate the alphabet!"

- Two guys devouring single-serving packages of Cheez-its after donating blood

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