a conversation between tony parker and zinedine zidane

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Suns vs. Spurs

Nash scored 31 but missed a crucial 45 seconds in the final minute because of the bloody cut on his nose, the result of a head-on collision with Parker with 2:53 to play. The cut required six stitches after the game.

A Conversation Between Tony Parker and Zinedine Zidane

(Phone rings)

Tony Parker: Bonjour?

Zinedine Zidane: Bonjour Tony. It's Zinedine. I just wanted to congratulate you on the game today.

Parker: Merci, Z. The Suns were tough, but we were lucky to steal a game on the road. Hopefully we can go all the way.

Zidane: I hope you can as well, though I feel sorry for poor Boris. By the way, nice job knocking out Nash. I never knew you had such a talent for the headbutt.

Parker: That was an accident. I felt terrible about Steve's nose.

Zidane: But of course it was an accident. You were blind with rage. Frustrated by him tweaking your nipple, perhaps, non?

Parker: Really, Zizou. I didn't mean to hurt him. In fact, he fouled me on the play.

Zidane: Yes, that was a nice touch when you fell down and pretended to be horribly injured after the play. The trainer even came out! Beautiful work, worthy of Ginobli himself. The perfect way to deflect suspicion.

Parker: I was stunned. I didn't even know where I was for a few minutes there.

Zidane: Of course. I understand. I know you cannot see me over the phone, but I am winking conspiratorially right now.

Parker: Listen, Zizou, I'm pretty tired after that game, so...

Zidane: A bit of advice Tony. Tell the media that Nash insulted your sister.

Parker: I don't have a sister.

Zidane: Eva Longoria, then. The key is, refuse to say what the insult was! Leave them guessing for months!

Parker: I really need to go.

Zidane: Was it an anti-Mexican remark? Did he cite the declining ratings of Desperate Houswives? A negative review of SeƱorita Justice? They will never know! You headbutt whomever you please!

Parker: I'm hanging up now.

Zidane: One more thing, Tony? If you get a chance, ask Steve for one of his Suns jerseys. I would like it for my sister.

Parker: (Dial tone)

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