the sf chronicle discovers the treehouse

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As usual, Cementhorizon is ahead of the journalism curve, but it's good to see that the Chronicle has caught up. Nearly four months after my hard-hitting exposé of the great deals and amazing selection of items at Treehouse Green Gifts, the Chronicle has finally recognized the newsworthiness and shopworthiness of this fine store.

Check out this glowing review of both the Treehouse and its lovely and talented proprieter, Ms. Maureen O'Neil, complete with a photo gallery of alluring Treehouse items. Congratulations to Ms. O'Neil, but more importantly, congratulations to the Chronicle for displaying some good old-fashioned journalistic moxie.


1 Comment

I'm waiting for the Chron's follow-up articles.

"Officials investigate whether drugs played a part in freaky plate-making."

"New store opens; something horrible happens to a child."

"Twelve killed in MUNI accident. Nice candley things at Treehouse."

Oh, the Chron. Making good things bad, since 1982.

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