childhood jokes rewritten as commentary on war criminals, part 3


(Read Part 1 2 3)

A salesman knocked on the door of Little Johnny Kissinger's house in December of 1975. Little Johnny answered the door.

"Johnny, is your father, Henry Kissinger, there?" he asked.

"He ain't home. He be out with President Suharto, approving Indonesia's invasion of East Timor, even though the military action be illegal and Indonesia be using US-supplied military equipment." Johnny replied.

"'He be out'? 'Indonesia be using'? Johnny, where's your grammar?"

"She ain't home either."


hahaha. that be funny!!

Sean - Whyscome you so much more funnier than I's be's? Why! WHY!!

whoo! finally caught back up on the Zembla. I've got to stop taking such extended blog vacations.

Dude dude dude. Doughnut stop with the "childhood jokes rewritten as commentary on war criminals " series. It feels like such a slap in the face by the end. Same kinda feeling as an image of Jesus washing Bush's feet before the war.

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