a nickname update from chile


Sister-abroad Molly has written in response to the recent post about her nicknaming style. Apparently, she has taken her brand of nicknomenclature to Chile, and it is no longer restricted to professional athletes. She writes:

In my group of friends at the house, everyone has a Spanish nickname if Spanish is their second language, and an English nickname if it is their native language. The list so far:

Molly - "Maldición", AKA "Dammit", and sometimes "Maldita", which you put in front of a word to use like "fuck". Por ejemplo: "maldita suerte" = bad mother fucking luck.

Ashlee - "Has leido", or "You have read".

Darcy - "Darse cuenta", to realize. It also means "Yes, give". This is especially funny because when you call a person "Yes (with a pause for the comma), give" in public, everyone laughs!

Eva - "Evacuación".

Felice - "Felicidades".

Rocío - "Misty river (a combo of "rocio", meaning mist, and the movie Mystic River).

Sofía - "Sooooo fine".

Perry - "Perrito" o "Perdición".

Soizic (French) - "Suavemente"

As you can imagine, I am extremely excited that the monker engine is still chugging away, and spreading to other nations. In fact, I have begun mentally assigning nicknames to my friends, which I often quietly think to myself while I say their actual names. Por ejemplo:

My roommate comes home from class. I say, "Hi Christine", but in my head I'm thinking, "Waffle". Because, Keagy->Eggy->Eggo->Waffles. And, because she's so sweet.

Also, she really likes waffles.


so what do you mentally call Tranny?

I really like Darse Cuenta as a nickname. I just recently assimilated that term and I use it like a crazy person. It turns out I realize a whole lot of stuff in one day.

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