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My friends from Australia have been in contact again. This time, they've made a parody video of Saddam Hussein's execution. They're not in legal trouble or under fire from censors; they're just displaying more of that lovable classless Aussie behavior we love so much.

We are at a unique time in history where the execution of a foreign leader is widely available on YouTube. I though I'd look at what else fair use has wrought and review other "humorous" uses of the Saddam footage.

1. Saddam Hussein Hanging with Ren & Stimpy audio

Description: "A video montage of various clips of Saddam Hussein's exectution. [sic] Set to the audio clip of 'The Lord Loves a Hanging' form the Ren & Stimpy Show."

This video was removed by user Crunchmeister.

2. Saddam Hussein - Before the execution by saddam10101

Description: "Let's take a look at what life was like for the dictator before his capture, in the good old days."

Begins with the words, "All good things must come to an end." It's a montage of photos where various pictures of Saddam Hussein's face have been cut out and pasted over the originals. There's mustached Saddam in a crib. There's black-and-white Saddam's head sunbathing in a bikini. Incarcerated, bearded Saddam rides a bicycle. At the end, it says "Saddam Hussein. 1937-2006 Stylish to the end" over a photoshopped graphic of bearded Saddam wearing a New York Yankees cap.

3. The real reason Saddam Hussein was hung? by rymaki

Description: Same as the title.

The video asks, "The reason Saddam Hussein was hung?" The question lingers for five seconds, and then we see a photo of an apparently well-endowed Saddam Hussein in his tighty-whities. "Just lucky I guess!"

4. Ejecucion de Saddam Hussein 2 by juanjolimado

Description: "La muerte de Saddam 2. Saddam Hussein excution [sic] with flavor, con sabor limado"

We have the standard video of the execution, but the user has added a Spanish-language voiceover. Also, the voices are either sped up or slowed down. This may be what provides the "sabor limado". The effect is to disguise the voices, much as Saddam's executioners wore ski masks to hide their identities. I can't understand what they're saying in Spanish, but I bet it's hilarious and/or citrusy.

5. Saddam Husseins last song by merik666

Description: "Norwegian edition His last wish for a song."

This sets the execution to a song, presumably sung in Norwegian. It sounds like the song features the word "hanging", or something close to it. I bet that somewhere in America, there's a frantic amateur video editor hastily making their own version set to "Hanging Tough" by New Kids on the Block, "Hanging Around" by Counting Crows, or "Rainy Days and Mondays" by The Carpenters.

6. Official Video of Saddam Hussein's Execution by doctorfoofoo

Description: "The Execution of Saddam Hussein. Showing hanging scenes you didn't see on CNN, Al-Jazeera or Fox. This is the full execution with the best quality avaiable on the internet..."

Middle Eastern music plays as a stuffed Elmo perches on a box with a bungee cord noose around its neck. Behind Elmo, there is a drawing of two guys carrying guns and/or dancing, perhaps to symbolize Saddam/Elmo's position as a strongman and/or party animal. Fifteen seconds in, Elmo falls forward and dangles from the noose.

The videomakers missed an opportunity by not using a Tickle Me Elmo Extreme. I'd like to see this same video starring a Spanish-language TMX Elmo who cries out, "Otra vez! Otra vez!" as he dangles.

7. Saddam's farewell concert--featuring special guest J.T. by TfromSM

Description: "Evil dictator performs onelast [sic] concert--with surprise guest!!!"

A guy who's not at all dressed like Saddam stands in a garage with a noose around his neck. Saddam requests "one last jam" with James Taylor, and after some tedious setup, a fake James Taylor emerges, also looking nothing like the real guy. Both men pretend to play guitar and sing along to "You've Got A Friend". The actor playing Saddam has chosen to speak Cookie Monster English, leaving out all modifiers and grunting.

The whole scene is partially obscured by the water heater and washing machine, since they're in the garage and all. The appliances block 30% of the action, but I like to think the author intended them to be a metaphor for the government's wish that Saddam's execution will cleanse some of Iraq's dark history. The water heater stands as a warning of the potential for a heated response from Saddam's Sunni supporters.

This video is pretty boring. Eventually James Taylor pulls the rope to "hang" Saddam and wanders out of the garage as on off-screen voice complains, "Jackass, you were supposed to be lip-synching the words! I don't know what the fuck you were doing."

8. Saddam Hussein execution by RevelationGuy

This is a clip from the South Park movie.

9. Saddam Hussein Original Execution Video by Biodroid85

Description: "Video de la ejecuciĆ³n de Saddam Hussein, sin editar."

The original audio is present for this video, which tries to mimic the hand-held, poorly lit look of the original. A Saddam Hussein doll stands, attached to some kind of string. Behind him stands a figure of George Bush, but it's not a Bush doll. It looks like Biodroid85 or an associate has cut a photo of Bush out of a magazine, and taped it over the head of an action figure.

This technique is repeated for some of the other celebrity "witnesses" in the tableau. For others, it looks like it's just magazine photos, or cardboard cutouts. Cartman, Bart Simpson, and Britney Spears appear to be cutouts, while Shaq, Michael Jackson, and Steve Irwin get the big-headed doll treatment. Also, when the camera pans to each celebrity, we hear a quiet clip of the celebrity speaking or singing, at a lower volume than the execution audio. Cartman sings, "Kyle's Mom's a Bitch", and Britney sings "Toxic".

The Bush doll doesn't push over the Saddam doll, however. In a deus ex machina that destroys the believability of the whole scene, a hand reaches out to flick Saddam off his scaffold. We see him dangle, before the camera moves to Steve Irwin. As the video ends, we hear Irwin tell us, "I want to be remembered for passion and enthusiasm." I have no idea what this video is trying to say, but it is easily my favorite.

User Basbug2000 does not feel the same way. He writes, "i fuck your nigga family i fuck you blach shit you bitches soon."

10. Hanging With Saddam by couldb5150

Description: "A/V of my perspective on that dead mother _ _ _ _ er....Bin Laden watch out you are next !!!!"

Unfortunately, couldb5150 didn't spell out everything completely, so it's hard to say how he feels about Saddam. Does he think Saddam is a dead motherkisser? A dead mother beaver? I hope it's not the second one, because I feel bad for all the beaver babies Saddam has left behind at the dam, chewing on baby logs and making shady deals with American logging companies.

Anyway, the video. Animated Saddam gets hung, then dangles, and then his head pops off. Then there are a lot of fireworks. I can't imagine what couldb5150 will do when and if bin Laden is ever executed. Maybe he'll create a full 20-second animation. Watch out, Al Qaeda!

11. Saddam Hussein Tribute by ilovethecolony

Description: "Rest In Peace Playa."

This is a parody of the kind of tribute video one might see on YouTube. It's a slide show of Saddam photos, set to Tupac's "Life Goes On". Use ilovethecolony reminds us that somewhere, someone will be drinking a fifth of Hennessey for Saddam's ass. Except maybe not, if they're Muslim. We end with the words, "Peace Out".

12. SATIRE - Saddam Hussein Execution by vrlaura

Description: "Satiric look at the Saddam Hussein execution. Explicit content -- may offend sen Satiric look at the Saddam Hussein execution. Explicit content -- may offend sensitive viewers, or those who scorn political satire."

Saddam's execution is presented in comic book style. Still photos combine with thought and speech bubbles to tell the narrative of the execution, while Edwin Starr's "War" plays in the background. Initially, I thought the exchange they present between Saddam and a heckling, masked guard was purely satiric, but it turns out that they really did argue over whether Saddam saved Iraq from the Persians and Americans.

After the animated portion is over, we see dead Saddam's head as we hear Willie Nelson sing, "The Party's Over". Keep in mind, this did not really happen. It's SATIRE. Don't scorn it.

13. saddam hussein execution(PHONE VERSION) the whole video:) by alfredw12

Description: "this is the execution of saddam hussein.. the illegal phone version!!"

It's not really the illegal phone version. It's a slideshow of Saddam photos set to a parody of Chumbawumba's "Tubthumping":

Lets hunt him down, shoot him in the head
Police are gonna have Saddam
Lets hunt him down, shoot him in the head
and bomb him right through the ground!

This video is so damn timely, I felt like I needed to don a "So Damn Insane" t-shirt and a Member's Only jacket to properly enjoy it.

In conclusion, Dan Ilic wins again, though he better stay on his toes to beat these other auteurs when bin Laden finally kicks the bucket.


Couldb5150 here ...see what happns when i google my sn!!! bwahahahah.....well if and when we get Bin Laden and hang his sorry ass you can rest assured there will be more than simple heads popping off and fireworks in background.......can't wait for my cue from George Dbwa that mission accomplished so i may begin the creation....


and like i tell all my dates ....sorry this things so long !.bwahahahahahah i slay me!

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